Your Social Media Pages In 5 Tips

Social Media has become the platform for businesses to relate to, target, and interact with their customers. With over two thirds of internet users in the U.S. regularly using a social network, now is a prime time to not only be utilizing Social Media but maintaining your presence and directing traffic to your social media pages.

Here are 5 tips to ensure you are maintaining and enhancing your social media platform:

  1. Make Sure You Have Complete Social Media Profiles.  Upload branded pictures, color scheme, profile photos or avatar, copy, biography, and a call to action. Make sure your tag line is inserted, and that your brand flows through each Social Media channel.
  2. Start Conversations. Start conversations. Look for other thought leaders in your industry and connect and share content. Start conversations with your followers. Ask questions and share news. Like, Comment and Follow relevant industries and thought leaders.
  3. Content is King/Queen. Make your headlines concise and interesting. Educate, entertain, inform, and share. Have a call to action. Create content often and have a content calendar.
  4. Shareable Content. If you are writing a white paper use bullet points within the white paper to share on your other social media channels. Use parts of interesting blogs and share the points made within the blog on your social channels. Remember to link back to the original article so that if the customer chooses they can read the full article.  
  5. Schedule content. Draft an editorial and a posting calendar a month in advance to posting dates. By keeping yourself organized with your posting schedule it will be much easier to make sure that you posts are released in a timely manner across all channels.

If you would like a free Social Media Audit or Appraisal please contact our team. We can help you draft a social media plan and execute it saving you time and money. Plan ahead, and let Socially Bold do the work for you.

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