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Socially Bold is a digital marketing firm located in Jacksonville, Florida providing marketing services to small to mid-sized local businesses. Specializing in social media and content marketing, Socially Bold focuses on aligning clients with the ‘Socially Bold Community’ to deliver innovative ideas that translate into refreshing results.


An estimated 75 million Americans check their Social Networks several times per day. Our Social Media packages include:

– Maximizing your reach on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.

– Highly targeting your ideal customers through Facebook’s targeting capabilities.

– Monthly ad spending that brings home the ROI by putting your money directly into lead generating spots to targeting demographics.

– Monthly analytics reports


Carefully constructed content is the backbone of all marketing communications. Develop engaging content for your target audience by utilizing the top three things that make content effective: audience relevance, engaging and compelling storytelling, and calls to action. Content marketing serves as the words that tell your story—we act as your content builders, listening and understanding your voice to create content aligned with your organization’s unique tone. Content marketing service offerings include:

– Blogging

– Email and newsletter campaigns

– Press releases

– Collateral and ad design & creation


97% of consumers don’t click past page one of Google search results. There is a lot of information out there and is pays to be found! Our team works with you to understand your products and services, determining the best mix of platforms within your budget to maximize your ROI. Our Online Advertising Packages Include:

–  Social promotions supported on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+

– Advertising budget management

– Our skilled team monitoring and adjusting keywords and advertisement types for greatest ROI


Getting found online is just as important as being found locally. Adding your business information to popular search engines, websites, and directories is an important addition to telling your story. Digital Presence Management includes:

– Name, address, and phone number updates across multiple platforms

– Presence management and monitoring for consistent data

– Analytics

– Keyword tagging


Building a website is an important piece of communicating who you are, where you are, what you do, and how you can help. Our web development team listens to your story and communicates your vision online. Web Development Packages include:

– Responsive website design and development

– Website maintenance

– Mobile applications within website 


Because we live in a visual world, illustrations alone can sell books. From infographics to image postings, GIFs and memes to advertisements and newsletter templates, our team delivers your message in a fun and creative way. Graphic Design offerings include:

– Infographics

– Memes

– GIFs

– Newsletter templates

– Email campaign templates

– Web graphics

Our team will work with you to develop a marketing strategy consistent with your business vision.

Consultations, research, and consistent communication help our team best align with our Socially Bold community – great businesses like yours!


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