“Social media isn’t only what you are talking about, it’s also understanding what people are saying about you.”

Social Media is here to stay and plays a crucial role in business. It’s important to participate, but more importantly to develop a strategy for participating that is beneficial for your customers, employees, and prospects.





Facebook has been around since 2004 and remains one of the most well-known social networks today. Originally a personal platform, Facebook has grown into the business sector and is becoming increasingly local. Company Facebook pages are a great supplement to a business’s website. Facebook allows businesses to hold a two-way conversations with ‘fans.’  ‘Fan’ interactions help businesses keep a pulse on what their clients like, what resonates, and what doesn’t. 



Instagram is a platform for posting and sharing photos. A visual platform, Instagram is like looking at someone’s photo albums. It’s an ideal place for businesses to encourage customers to share pictures of people, products, and events.  Mostly used by a younger demographic, Instagram engagement can be measured and analyzed to keep your story interesting.



The social platform of the search engine giant, Google, Google+ plays a major role in local search engine optimization. Google+ content that is posted on a company Google+ page can rank in search results in instances where a main website may not. Each post has a unique URL and—when the content generates interaction—can potentially rank in Google search results.



Twitter serves as a great customer service outlet. When a business’s customers have problems or questions, they take them to Twitter, making it possible for the company to quickly resolve their issues. Twitter is also a great monitoring and listening tool that will provide you with insights into your brand, competitors, and industry.



LinkedIn is the largest social media platform for business, making it a good place to research companies and people, network, recruit employees, search for jobs, perform competitive analysis, or simply stay connected.



Pinterest is another visual social media platform.  An image-rich platform, Pinterest lends itself to design, food/cooking, fashion, DIY, technology, automotive, fitness, decorating, and other industries that support interesting visual content. It is also the perfect place for businesses to post images linking to an article or blog post for further reading. 



The mega global video platform, second to Google as the most searched keyword on the Internet, YouTube is a great resource for businesses that develop videos for product promotion, demonstration, education, or sales. Videos are also an excellent online marketing tool that can be cross-posted and promoted on your website, social platforms, blog, email campaigns, company newsletters, and other marketing initiatives.



Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website owned by Yahoo! Inc. Users can post multimedia and text-based content to a short-form blog, where it can be reposted by other bloggers. Businesses can share text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos across multiple devices, follow other users, and make their blogs private.



Our team will work with you to develop a social strategy consistent with your business vision.

Consultations, research and consistent communication help our team best align with our Socially Bold community – great businesses like yours!



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