Why Every Business Should Go Social with Recruitment

In a 2014 Jobvite infographic, 93 percent of recruiters surveyed claimed to either use or plan to use social media to aid in recruitment, intending to invest 73% more on average in social recruiting to beat their competition. Over the past two years, this number has steadily climbed as businesses increasingly recognize the value that social media plays, both a tool for capturing the interest of talented candidates and for ensuring that they fit the company’s culture.

Why turn to social media for recruitment?


  1. It’s the best way to reach a large number of job seekers.

In a world where the average internet user spends 28% of their time on social media, promoting job openings and engaging with potential candidates on popular platforms like Twitter and Facebook is just the smart thing to do. Studies have shown that posting job listings on social media can increase the volume of applications by 30% to 50%, so it’s no wonder that 54% of recruiters use Facebook and 8% use Google+ and YouTube, and over 60,000 listings are shared daily on Twitter alone.


  1. It’s part of a cultural shift.

Yes, unflattering things can be said about the exorbitant amount of time that Millennials spend each day on their phones, but this increasing need to stay connected and engaged with the outside world can be used to a brand’s advantage. Promoting a company culture that appeals to the skilled, younger workforce will attract not only those who hear the business’s message, but also their friends and followers with whom they share its message. The number of active social media users is only increasing—LinkedIn alone has gone from 78 million to over 400 million members in the past five yearsso why not stay on top of the competition by joining the party?


  1. It’s an easy way to find the perfect candidate.

With the vast majority of talented young workers connecting with the world through social media on a daily basis, it has become easier for recruiters to glean information on potential candidates than ever before. Social media can inform businesses not only of their applicants’ education, experience, and skills, but also their beliefs, lifestyle, and personality, enabling recruiters to determine whether or not certain candidates fit the company culture. Finding the perfect candidate will not only help foster a positive and engaged work environment, but will improve retention rates in the long-run, benefiting both the brand and its workforce.


With social recruitment providing so many benefits for brands looking to grow and enhance their talent, it’s surprising that some companies still haven’t taken their share of the social media pie. Let Socially Bold help your business take control of its social recruitment plan. Call (904) 574-9775 today to get started!

Socially Bold is a digital marketing firm located in Jacksonville, Florida providing marketing services to small to mid-sized local businesses.  Specializing in social media and content marketing, Socially Bold focuses on aligning with clients, the ‘Socially Bold Community’, to deliver innovative ideas and translate those into refreshing results.  For more information about Socially Bold, visit  Join the #SociallyBold conversation on Twitter @sociallyboldjax, Facebook @sociallybold, Instagram @sociallybold, Pinterest @sociallybold or Google+ @sociallybold.

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