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Developing and personalizing your brand through social media can be challenging. Targeting an

Audience can be too broad. You want to target an audience that will like your Brand. Then once

you’ve figured that out, you want to target a Specific Audience. Finally, once you see great

feedback and reviews, you want to stick to targeting that audience. I will introduce 5 ways to

make sure your targeted audience will stick with you for a long period of time.

Develop a Relationship with your audience.

Find out what kind of brands your audience’s love, their interests, and what social media

platform they are active on the most. When looking through your audience’s social media, they

share interesting details about their lives. That is the perfect opportunity to write notes. The

more insights you know about your audience, the better.

Active Followers

Once you’ve created content to your audience’s liking, you will be encountering many followers

who will like, comment, or share your content on their personal accounts. Take note of who

those followers are. You can offer rewards for sharing your content, give them a discount off a

product you are promoting, or give them early access to content you have not released yet.

Your followers will like the attention and it will make them feel as if they have known you for a

very long time.

Cross – Channel Strategies

Insights that you’ve gathered will be different across all social media channels. Take note on a

post, AD, or blog that your audience is not responding well too and make it better. Remember,

your audience is following you for a reason. Make sure the content that is being produced is


One on One Time

Keeping a relationship with your audience is very important. You do not want to put them aside

and just concentrate on the active followers. Send Monthly newsletters that are addressed to

them through e-mail. This will make your audience feel that they are not left out of the group.

You do not have to send them a newsletter everyday, but at least once a month is a must.

The Audience’s Needs

Create content that is relevant to your audience’s lives. They would want marketing messages,

offers, and ads that speaks to their needs, wants, and preferences. Once you’ve gotten a good

grasp of the buyer persona, they will invest their time into your social media channels.

With these 5 tips, Socially Bold hopes you will be successful on your online presence journey. If

you can assist you with your Social Media Platforms, please give us a call at (904) 574-9775 or

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