Social Media New Years Resolution


Have you Made your Social Media Resolutions this year?   With all the talk about Social Media, Employee Engagement, Content Marketing, and Blogs it can feel like a tornado has just run over your business. How will you keep up with the ever-changing business landscape? How can you keep up with the changes in sales and marketing let alone keep up with Social Media?  It’s time to incorporate Social Media into your business strategy.


Here are 5 steps that can help you build out your social media campaign.


  1. Know Your Brand. What do you want to share? What does your business represent? What are you trying to sell? What are your company values? What products or services do you sell?


  1. Who is your customer? Do you have a customer profile? Really listen to what questions they ask you. Listen to what they want. Where do they hang out? Where can you join them in the conversation?


  1. What is your story? Do you have a story to tell? How is your story best told? Can you give your customers three good reasons to come to you? What is your hook? Do you have Customer testimonials?


  1. What social media channels do you use? Do they belong in your Social Media Strategy? Do you have link throughs from your website? Do you post a blog at least 1 to 2 times a month?


  1. Do you post original content or are you reposting? Is your content valuable to your customer? Is your content engaging? Newsworthy? Entertaining? Informative?


If you have answers to all of these questions you are well on your way to an excellent Social Media Posting platform for the New year.


If you need help or would like one of our Social Media strategists to call you for a free audit please contact us at Socially Bold. We would love to help you keep that Social Media Resolution this year.


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