It’s Time For Blogging!

It’s a new year, time for new goals and targets for your business.  Is blogging one of them?  It’s time to add a consistent content management program and create a blog for your business. Why create a blog? One of the main reasons is to keep your website fresh, to inform your customers of what you have to offer, and how you can serve them helping your search engine optimization and keeping current, relevant information available for your client community.

Think of blogging like your own online publication. Your blog can be used to inform, entertain, share newsworthy information and offer promotions to increase sales.

If you are blogging for business, you will be looking to educate your customers on your business, the industry in general, and key benefits of your products and services. If you are a business to consumer organization, you will want to entertain, inform, and share your products and services with your target customers.

How to format your content



Bold Content


…and bullet points

Some points about content:

  • Add Calls to Action Within Your text. Do not make your content too “salesy.”  Include links to your website or references articles in your copy. It is worth designing good white papers for your link throughs to gain additional visitation.
  • Create Content that is Actionable and Relevant. Most likely people were searching for specific information when they found your blog post. Do not disappoint them with misleading titles, information, or sales landing pages. Give them the information they came for. Make it relevant and actionable.
  • Entertain. Entertain your customer. Be different. Add video, visuals, and content that will engage and humor them.
  • Promotion. Intersperse promotions within your blogging calendar. Do not become a sales monolog, but add sales copy intermittently throughout your posting schedule. If you have new features and benefits or products – share them, but educate your customers on the value and benefit as you share.
  • Use Other Bloggers. Do you know some experts in the field who can add blogs to your website?  Ask them if they will be a guest blogger on your platform.
  • Refer at Events. Share your blog address at networking events, and any other events you participate in.
  • Add Your Blog Address to Email Signatures. Make sure you include your blog address in your email signature, and all areas where an automatic signature appears.
  • Add Video Blogs. Videos are becoming increasingly more popular in the blogging world and given our populations decreasing attention spans, a video is most likely to grab their attention.
  • Link to Your Social Media. Link to social media platforms to gain as much exposure as you can.
  • Publish at Least 1 Blog per Week. The more consistent you are in posting, the more followers you will have.

If you have a blog we hope these tips can be of service. If you do not have a blog and would like us to map out and write content for you please contact us at Socially Bold for a quick chat about your blogging needs.

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