5 Tips To Engage Your Blog Audience

Blogging can be an excellent way to engage your business clientele.  In order to attract followers and engage your audience  with your blog, try these simple tips to enhance your readership.

Offer Varied Content Video, Podcasts, Infographics, Interviews, Group interviews, White papers and Case Studies. The more varied your content the more followers you will entice. Also, varied content keeps your blog interesting, relevant, and up to date. We all receive information and learn differently so offering a combination of visual and written content will reach the largest audience.  

Write about Newsworthy Events as they Relate to your Business. Keep your posts fresh. Look for the latest news releases in your area of business whether it be on the news channels or Google search. Keep abreast and share the latest news about your segment of the market with your audience.

Write Call to Action Headlines – Write headlines that spark interest. Some of the words that spark interest and why you see them so much in blog headlines include these examples; “5 Tips,” “How to,” “Free,” “Save on,” “14 ways”…the list goes on. Get a good headline hook.  Search for a headline that you might make your own and try it on your blog. Use a headline that grabs your audience attention and says “Read Me”.

Understand Who You are Writing To – Answer this question:  My blog______________ Helps__________ With__________ By___________________________.


This Post Helps_____________________________ How_____________________?

These two simple questions will help you address your content and its relevance to your audience. Ask it every time you go to write a post.

Respond to Comments – This should be a no brainer, but there are a lot of blogs out there that forget this simple tip and do not respond to their readers questions or comments. Everyone wants to be heard. Part of having a blog is to generate conversation, to share, and to educate. In so doing you will grow your brand and engage your customer so that they will likely want to go to you for their needs.

These are just a few tips to engage your customers and audience in your blog. If you would like a blog audit for free, contact us at Socially Bold.  We are here to help you succeed.

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